IGG INTEREST BADGE Guide Money Matters Option 01

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Describe where and how you can save on a regular basis. Explain how you would open an account. Show that you have saved on a regular basis for three months.


 Pens
 Paper
 Information on saving institutions (see attached file)


Aim of Badge
To encourage you to manage your money responsibly.

This Badge has 6 options of which 6 must be completed.Instructions

1. In Patrols discuss what way the Guides save and whether they save on a regular basis. It is more about how often and regularly they save as
opposed to how much.
2. List the ways that they can save.
3. Do you get much interest return on a regular savings account?
4. Do the Guides have a savings account and how did they open it? Share this with your Patrol.
5. If they don’t have an account how would they go about opening one and what information is required to open an account?

Show that you are saving regularly.


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