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Plan a redesign of your bedroom – on a budget of €30 and €300


 Graph or squared paper
 Ruler
 Steel tape measure
 Card
 Paint colour charts


Aim of Badge: To encourage you to manage your money responsibly.

This Badge has 6 options of which 6 must be completed.Instructions

• Measure your bedroom using the steel measure.
• Draw a floor plan of your room to scale on the graph paper, marking in any permanent features such as doors, windows, wardrobes etc.
• Cut shapes out of card, to the same scale, to represent your furniture: bed, bedside locker, bookshelves, desk, drawers etc.
• Experiment with different layouts of your room using the card shapes (Remember to take into account electrical sockets, radiators etc.).
• When you are happy with your new layout think about what you can afford to change.
• Colour schemes: with a limited budget, you will probably have to keep the same floor covering and curtains so take those into account when picking colours.
• Pick up a free paint colour chart from your local DIY shop. Most have examples of rooms so you can see how colours work together (Dulux have an App so you can visualise colours in your own room).
• Visit your local charity shop. You can often pick up a bargain bookshelf or dressing table that can be transformed with a coat of paint or varnish. Look out for rugs, cushions, curtains or quilt covers too.
• You could also think about dyeing your curtains or bed covers – make sure to get permission first!
• Wallpaper is expensive but sometimes DIY shops will sell off end-of-line rolls quite cheaply. Consider papering just one wall to make a feature of it but remember to allow for matching with a large pattern.
• Posters or a collage of your favourite group or movie star can make an eye-catching (and not too expensive) feature on a wall.

With a budget of €30, you may only be able to make one change such as the colour of the walls, or new bed covers.
With a larger budget, be adventurous! Create a whole new look. Pick a theme like ‘oriental’ or ‘hippie’ but remember you may have to live with it for several years; those life-sized Disney Princess wall stencils might not seem such a good idea in five years’ time!


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