IGG INTEREST BADGE Guide Money Matters Option 06

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Plan the budget for an outing with your Patrol (Patrol Outing Budget)


 Budget template


Aim of Badge: To encourage you to manage your money responsibly

This badge has 6 options of which all 6 must be completed.Instructions

This activity will help to develop budgeting skills

Week 1: Using the accompanying budget template, discuss with your Patrol the following:
• How many Guides would like to go on an outing?
• How much pocket money can the Guides allocate to the outing?

Week 2:
Using the accompanying budget template, find out the following in relation to e.g. a trip to the cinema.

Transport: How much will this cost (remember to check group rates on buses and trains)?
Admission: How much is a ticket for the cinema?
Food: Will the Guides bring their own food or purchase food at the cinema?

Bring your findings to your Patrol.
1. Discuss: Are you within budget (have you enough money to cover all costs?)?
2. Decide a date for the outing.
3. Decide on a payment plan.
4. Decide if you will have a weekly savings plan.
If yes, decide which Guide will be the Treasurer (she will record money saved each week).
Your Unit Leader will assist you by keeping the money safe.


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