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Activity to help scouts understand budgeting & values


Leaders with laptops


This is complicated but the scouts found it very entertaining and competitive - they would have played this for hours, bizarrely!

Each small group of scouts (2-3) represents an 18yr old, starting out in life, with a life-goal of wealth, friends or family.

Each year (approx 5 mins), they have to choose what they do, what they buy, etc.

Everything they do costs, and has "happiness points" for each life-goal.

Let the groups decide on their life-goal, and put '2' into C-E50 for their goal (those points get doubled).

To run the activity, open up a spreadsheet per group. Tell them their starting amount of money (K25), and find out what they want to do/buy and select the options in C6-H6.

If/when they buy a car, house or computer, fill in E22-G22 (remembering to remove them next year), and also fill in K/L/M6 too (to keep track that they have that thing permanently).

At the end of the year, type the Wealth/Family/Friends points from C-E27 into the red boxes below, then type their ending amount of money (column F) into K22, and tell them their starting amount of money for the next year from K25.

We did the "telling" as a group, so told everyone their current score and amount in the bank. Also tell them the event that happened that year, and how it affects some people. (The effect is automatically calculated).

If they go to Uni, then change the overdraft to -40000 in K22. You may want to reduce the overdraft back to -5000 after say 10 years to balance trade/professional.

Then it's just a case of repeating this - typing in red, reading from blue, and typing in more red!

If you can understand all of this, congrats - it's complicated for leaders, but worked very well for the scouts!


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