Kea Kidditch

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A simple game loosely based on Harry Potter quidditch


Foam noodles. We had one each for team members as they were our flying broomsticks until we got a balloon to run on noodle.
Balloons. Can use a single one as snitch OR more balloons so each child has their own to chase around with noodle as bat.


Keas can split into two teams and do a relay with balloon from one end of den to the other to score goals.
Having a leader or senior scout standing on a line in the middle knocking any balloons away adds to the fun.
If a balloon touches floor or bursts will send Kea back to their line again.
Another version for younger keas would be to run around the den with their own individual balloons and noodles while being gently chased by leaders or another posse
Thanks to Ollie, Kate, Angus, Andrew & John


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