The Continents

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Learn about the continents and where the cubs have been on holiday. Good activity when you return after the summer holidays.


Chalk or paper
Print off a map of the continents so you can roughly chalk out the continents on the floor of your hall or use paper to mark an area as a continent.
you need areas between the continents so the cubs can walk ("swim") around the continents.


Ask cubs to name the 7 continents (Europe, Asia, Africa, Australasia/Oceania, North America, South America & Antarctica). Draw out rough shapes on the floor.
Ask each cub in turn to say where they went on holiday and to tell us which continent that place is in. They then go to the marked out area for that continent (most will be Europe so make it large enough to fit a lot of cubs). If a cub didn't go on holiday ask them where they would like to go one day and which continent that country is in, they then go to that area.
If time allows you can ask the cubs to put their hands up to give an interesting fact about the place they went to on holiday.
and or get the cubs to swim the oceans and ask them continent questions (see attached) they have to swim to the continent they think is the right answer.



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