Traffic Light - Code of Conduct

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A simple way to help your Beavers or Cubs to produce a Code of Conduct.
The traffic light helps them to understand what is always ok, what is sometime ok and what is never ok to do.


Large piece of paper
Pens - Green, Orange, Red
A4 paper


- Split the Beavers or Cubs into the lodges or sixes.
- Once in their groups, have 1 leader to help them discuss behaviours that are always ok, sometimes ok and never ok - spend 10 minutes
- Using the coloured pens write down the behaviours
- Red = Never Ok
- Orange = Sometimes Ok
- Green = Ok
- When this is done bring the groups together to discuss what they have come up with and agree on a final code of conduct.
- Discuss what should happen if someone doesn't follow the Code of Conduct.
- Leader to take home to type up and print


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