jungle book races

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Simplified relay game using jungle book characters. No need read story.


Actions and names required


Cubs line up in sixes at end of playing area and are numbered. Leader calls a Jungle Book character. The cubs/sixes have to make their way to the end of the Hall and back using the correct method. First one back and sitting down scores a point.
The actions are as follows
Bagheera - sprint
Baloo - walk toe to heel
Haithi - hold one arm in front as trunk and pass other hand between your legs to grasp the 'trunk' behind. Whole six goes.
Chil - run, arms outstretched to each corner of the room
Kaa - slither on belly
Rama - Two cubs form a buffalo - one bends over and holds waist of cub in front. Third cub rides the buffalo
Banderlog - all run



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