Debate Evening

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Using a mix of current news and general questions to provide stimulus for debate


Imagination and current news


You will be placed in two teams and be given two topics to argue for and two to argue against.
For each topic, the teams will be given 10 minutes to prepare their points, as well as two minutes to review the opposing teams arguments.
There is no time limit for the debate.
There is no right or wrong answer, points will be awarded for style and type of arguments raised.

Suggested topic are below, the topics raised are there to stimulate debate and do not necessarily reflect personal views.

Team A: For T1, T3. Against T2, T4.
Team B: For T2, T4. Against T1, T3.

Topic 1)
All retailers (shops) which sell tobacco products over-the-counter are allowed to sell these products, but must hide them and not tell customers which products are available, nor their cost.
This will reduce the number of people continuing or starting to buy tobacco products.

Topic 2)
All levels of Scouting are open both boys and girls, whereas Girl Guiding is open only to girls.
Scouting should only be open to boys.

Topic 3)
Facebook and other social networking sites allow millions of people to interact with friends and meet new people, however they can lead to inappropriate behaviour as regards children (under the age of 18).
Social networking sites should only be available to adults as children do not know how to protect themselves online (18+).

Topic 4)
In the UK, we enjoy freedom of movement and expression and these freedoms are deeply embedded in our society. However, there are some things which cannot be bought until a person is at a certain age, for example, movies and games (15, 18), cigarettes (18), alcohol (18).
There should be no age limit set on anything and it should be up to parents/guardians to decide what a child can buy.


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