Port & Starboard

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A fun game where Scouts respond to verbal commands.




Scouts respond to the commands of the leader as detailed below:-

Port - Run to the left of the room.
Starboard - Run to the right of the room.
Bow - Run to the front of the room.
Stern - Run to the back of the room.
Captain's Coming - Stand completely still (at alert) and salute.
Captains Wife - All shout "Twiit Woo".
Scrub the decks - Get down on their knees and pretend to scrub the floor.
Climb the rigging - Pretend to climb rigging.
Man Overboard - Hold on to a partner.
Man the lifeboats - Get into pairs on the floor pretending to row.
Bombs Away - Crouch down with your hands over your head
Submarine - Lie on your back with one leg in the air
Walk the Plank - Walk along a thin line then shout "Splash"
Seagull Attack - Wave arms frantically in the air.
Sharks - Get to side of hall and off floor.

The last Scout to follow the instruction is out.

Port, Starboard, Bow & Stern can be swapped with North, South, East & West.


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