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Troop forum based on adding ideas at stations and progressing through the stations/questions.


Flip board paper - one per question/base
Marker pen
pens - one per scout


Write each of the following questions one flip chart paper - one question per sheet.
Tac the flip chart paper on the wall, one or two sheets per station. or you can have the flip chart paper laid out on a table at each station. Have at least one station per patrol. You can have more stations than patrols. You just have a few unoccupied as they go around.
Equip the scouts with pens. Dot the patrols around the room at a station each. Get them to write on the sheets their thoughts. After a few minutes, move them around in a clockwise directions (or anticlockwise). It tends to get faster as they move through the stations as previous scouts may have already had the same ideas that they had. They could mark that they agree/disagree with a statement.

Things I would like to be able to do
Things I would like to try
Things I would like to do again
Things that would make Scouts better

Ideas for future camp
Ideas for last night of term
Ideas for programmes that could be run by district


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