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The game that lets you toy with global economics without the hassle of world domination.


You will need;
‐ At least five people.
‐ A supply of tokens, such as poker chips or matchsticks, about 100 per player.
‐ A pen/pencil and paper for each player.


For set up instructions and rules of how to play, see attached sheet.

Each game (financial year) consisted of 10 rounds. During each round, players get an introduction to world economics; elitist societies, fair societies and the welfare state.

Give plenty of time for the game as each round involves some calculations. After 10 rounds (or sooner if you run out of time), review what the scouts learnt.

Questions to consider:
- Was it a fair game? What did they think about the unfairness?
- Instead of stealing and vandalising, what would have happened if they shared or paid more into the treasury? Would they have been better off or not?
- If you used the Anonymous economy card, how much did they trust the accountant and other players?
- Perhaps consider real world examples of each type. What type of economy do we have in the UK?


  • Economics
  • global awareness
  • world

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