Make Paper Aircraft and Fly Them

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Templates and instructions for four simple types of paper plane to cover sections of the Air Activities Staged Badge (Stages 1 and 2).


Printouts of the instructions for the chosen type of plane(s) for leaders and printed copies of the chosen template(s) for each Cub. Also require scissors to trim paper to the correct size. Hula hoops, cones, markers add more fun to the activity but are not essential (see below).


Trim the attached templates to the correct size and fold plane according to the instructions, the folds are marked with dotted lines and are numbered to make it easier. Extra pairs of hands help here though! You can then have a competition to see which type flies best. Ideas to try include laying out a "runway" with cones or markers or print out some sheets with direction arrows and dotted lines to put down, then measure how far the planes fly. You could also try suspending a hula hoop and see who can get their plane to fly through it.

This site has lots of other free to download plane templates from easy to advanced.


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