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Take part in a Guides’ Own using songs, stories, drama, mime or music (Guides Own Peace & Friendship)


 Reading (see overleaf)
 Song (see overleaf)
 White Card


Aim of Badge To explore different religious faiths from around the World

This Badge has 5 options of which 5 must be completed

Guides Own is an Act of Worship planned and presented by the Brownies themselves, perhaps with some help from the Leaders. The Brownies will probably find it easier to plan a Guides Own with a theme i.e. Pack Holiday, Thinking Day, Christmas, Harvest, etc.

Numbered Cards (e.g. 1 – 4 for four sixes, 1 – 5 for five sixes)

Cards labelled Song/Reading etc.

Each Sixer picks a numbered card and each Seconder picks a category card

The numbered card indicates the Six’s place in the Order of Service.

Give the Sixes 15 minutes to prepare the item on their card

Attachments “Guides Own” example


  • Brownie Challenge 2018-2019
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  • Guides\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' Own
  • IGG
  • interest badge
  • Interest Badge Brownie Discovering Faiths
  • South West Regional Conference 2017

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