Spitfires, Lancasters, Concorde & Air Force One - Interesting Facts

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10 interesting facts about 4 different types of aircraft; the Spitfire, the Lancaster, Concorde and Air Force One (Boeing 747) with photos for illustration. This activity will complete section 2 of the Air Activities Stage badge - Level 1.


Attached factsheets.


Split pack into four groups and issue one factsheet plus illustrations to each group. You will need a leader/helper with each group. Discuss the factsheet, encouraging questions then nominate a spokeperson per group. Bring pack together and ask the nominated Cubs to take in in turns to tell the pack some of the facts about the aircraft they found the most interesting, the accompanying photos can be shared too. You can choose which aircraft you wish to discuss with your Cubs, you only need to cover one for the badge requirements, so if pressed for time and/or helpers you can alter the delivery to suit.


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