Cycle activity

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Bikes, scooters, helmets, cones, chalk, bucket, bean bag. hoops.


1. Fit helmet. Show how to correctly fir the helmet.

2. Left and right turn. Set up some cones so they have to go left and right and indicate with their arms.

3. Slalom. Set up some cones for them to slalom through.

4. Slalom and bean bag throw. Use the above slalom but about half way through place a bucket. The beavers have to cycle along and throw a bean bag into the bucket.

5. Draw a curvy line about 30 feet long. Beavers have to ride along the line with coming off the line. Again, you can use the bean bag half way along or try a hoop and cone.

6. Use the above but place a plank with a small block to act as a “slight” sea saw along the line.

7. Draw 2 line about 30 feet apart and beavers have to see how slowly they can travel between the two lines. I they put their feet down they are out.

8. Start a follow my leader line of riders going through slalom cones etc.

9. For those struggling with riding, we can take the peddles off and gradually build their confidence up using cones as a slalom etc.

10. 10 minutes free ride at end.



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