Trick Shot Pioneering

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Build a tripod (or other pioneering structure) and then use it to perform trick shots


Pioneering poles & ropes
Play equipment, e.g. footballs, hoops, tennis balls, beanbags, flat cones etc.


First off, build your pioneering structure.
- A tripod works well, just make sure that the tripod lashing is far enough down to give a wide enough spread at the top for your trick shots.
- Ensure your tripod is braced with poles at the bottom to make a stable pyramid.

Then design and try to pull off some trick shots!
- Can you flip it and land it upside down (probably best done outside)?
- How about chipping a football to land on top?
- Landing a beanbag on the end of each pole?
- Place a woggle on top of a pole and knock it off with a frisbee
- The possibilities are endless!

Compete against other teams to be the first to complete a series of trick shots


  • lashing
  • pioneering
  • pioneering project
  • trick shot
  • tripod

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