IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Name Flower Lover Option 01

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Identify and describe at least five garden and five wild flowers (Flowers picture to colour)


 Copy of colouring sheet (see overleaf per Brownie)
 Copy of flower sheet (see overleaf0 per Six
 Colouring pencils
 Laminator


Aim of Badge
To become familiar with a variety of flowers

This Badge has 3 options of which 3 must be completed

This activity is geared to help Brownies begin to identify flowers found in their environment

• Place pictures of flowers around the room
• Give each Brownie a colouring sheet
• Give each Six a set of colouring pencils
• Brownies complete their sheet with correct colours

Flower pictures https://pixabay.com
Colouring Sheet Unknown

Attachments/Template needed for activity? Yes


  • IGG
  • interest badge
  • Interest Badge Brownie Flower Lover
  • North East Regional Conference 2017
  • Wild and garden flowers
  • Wild flowers

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