Simple Camp Crafts

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Carrier Bag Kite making
Non Newtonian Fluids


Carrier bags
BBQ sticks



Use template or simply experiment with bags, canes and string to produce a simple kite

Non Newtonian Fluids are liquids that become solids when under pressure, where Newton had described liquids as only being able to be effected by temperature. (eg Ice or melting a solid)
Take 8 heaped teaspoons of corn flour and approx 40ml of water. very slowly add the water where stirring into conrflour. as the water mixes in it will get to a point where the liquid will turn solid when tapped with a finger or the spoon but will remain a liquid while being stirred gently. It should be possible for the Cub to pick the mixture and roll into a ball!! once they stop rolling it, it will turn back into a liquid and run back into the bowl.


  • Non Newtonian Fluids

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