Intro to Chief Scouts Gold Award

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A game to plan out a route to the Chief Scout's Gold Award for the group.


Print out the badge sheets below as many times as needed depending on the size of your group I would suggest a quarter of the number of scouts in the troop.
one chair and tables sufficient to seat all scouts.
At least one glue stick per table.
One A4 sheet each.


Get scouts to get one table between two and a seat each, and a sheet of A4, and lay them out facing back wall. On stage put one table with activity badges and staged activity badges. On front wall put table with 9 Challenge award badges all mixed up. On far wall put chief scout gold badges.

Start by discussing the badge, and what an achievement it is to earn it, and when you get to each criteria send them off to find their badges, one at a time, as quickly as possible, laying them out on the table in front of them.

Once they have them discuss why they have gone for what they have.

Give them 2 minutes to change their badges if they want to.

Glue them down.

Next, discuss the 9 Challenge Awards one at a time.

After each they race to collect the correct award out of the award badges.

World Challenge Award
Skills Challenge Award
Creative Challenge Award
Outdoors Challenge Award
Adventure Challenge Award
Expedition Challenge Award
Teamwork Challenge Award
Team Leader Challenge Award
Personal Challenge Award

Glue them down.

Once all the challenge awards are done tell them to race and get a gold award.

Glue it down.

Once they are all laid out in front of them and glued down tell them to keep them and use them as a plan to their earn Chief Scout's Gold Award.


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