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2. Listen to a story that identifies the need for us to respect our differences. (Game: All different, all the same)


 Two packets of individually wrapped sweets


To become aware of and value differences between people.
This a cultural diversity game that identifies the need for us to respect our differences.

Split the Ladybirds into two groups, perhaps by hair colour or shoe type. Give two sweets to each girl in one group and give one sweet to each girl in the other group. Do this in front of the whole group so they can all see what the other is getting. Explain that they should not eat the sweet/s until after the game.

Straight away, the Ladybirds will want to know why certain girls got more than others. Sitting in a circle go through some thought provoking questions.

Is it fair that some girls got more sweets than others?
Is it ever fair to treat boys differently to girls?
Is it ever fair to tease other children/girls because they are different to you?
• different because they go to a different church or no church at all?
• different because they have darker/lighter skin than yours?
• different because they are a Traveller?
• different because they use a wheelchair?
• different because they are born with Down Syndrome?
• different because English is not their first language?

The girls will be well able to be involved in this discussion because the injustice of the division of the sweets is literally in front of them. After you've finished your discussion, make sure you remember to give another sweet to the girls who only got one.

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