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Christmas craft: Santa Salt Dough


 All purpose flour
 Salt
 Luke warm water
 Bowls – one for each Ladybird
 Paint – red, white, and black
 Small paint brushes


1. Giving each Ladybird a bowl with a half cup of flour, a quarter cup of salt and a quarter cup of luke warm water, let the Ladybirds mix the dough until it’s ready.
2. Let them turn out the dough and mix it into a circle.
3. Ask each Ladybird to press their hand into the dough.
4. Put each Ladybird’s name on their dough.
5. Put a hole in the top of the dough so that a ribbon can be hung through it.
6. The dough needs to be cooked in the oven for two hours. This will need to be done over the week.
7. Let the Ladybirds paint their Santa hand.
8. When it is dry, tie a small piece of ribbon through the hole and the Ladybirds can bring their Santas home to hang on their Christmas Tree.

Acknowledgement/Source: Winter Trefoil News 2017


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