IGG INTEREST BADGE Guide Cultural Diversity Option 04

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No 4. Take part in games/activities that will help you identify the feelings of being included/excluded. Discuss where this could happen in life and the feelings it brings. (The Crayon Box that Talked)


 Crayons of all colours
 Paper
 Copy of poem below for each Patrol


• Divide the Guides into their Patrols.
• Give them a copy of the poem below to read.
• Give them crayons and ask them to colour a picture using as many colours as possible.
• Ask them to discuss if the picture would be as nice with only one or two colours.

Ask the Guides to discuss the following line from the poem:
We are a box of crayons, each one of us unique, but when we get together… the picture is complete.

1. How were the crayons different?
2. If the crayons were exactly like each other, would the picture be as beautiful?
3. Do people need to like each other to work together and produce great results?
4. How can different people contribute together to the world?
5. Is it better to work together or alone?

Bring the Patrols back together and discuss their thoughts as a large group.

Acknowledgement/Source: Winter Trefoil News 2017


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