IGG INTEREST BADGE Guide Art and Craft Option 13

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No 13. Weave an article that is either useful or decorative. (Make a God’s Eye)


 Wool in several bright colours
 Lollipop sticks
 Scissors
 Glue or small rubber bands


God's Eyes originate from the Huichol Indians of Mexico's Sierra Madre. The Huichol bring flowers, arrows, feathers, prayer bowls, God's Eye (Tsikuri), and other symbolic gifts to Gods in sacred caves in the hope of the return of favour and protection.

How to make a God’s Eye (photos on next page):
1. Glue two lollipop sticks in a cross, or use a small rubber band to tie them together.
2. Select wool.
3. While the glue is drying, pick three or four colours for your God’s Eye.
4. Include light and dark colours that go well together.
5. Take one colour of wool and wrap it over and around one stick.
6. Then, in a diagonal to the next stick, wrap it around.
7. Wrap it again in a diagonal to the next stick and over and around it and so on.
8. Continue for four or more turns around the cross, until the eye is as large as you want.
9. Catch the end of the wool as you wrap so it is held in place.
10. Tie a length of another colour of wool onto the first one with a tight knot.
11. Wrap the wool around the arms of the cross as before.
12. Make as many turns around the cross as you like to form a narrow or wide band of this colour.
13. Repeat for each additional colour until finished.
14. Tie or glue the final wool end to the back of the cross to hold it in place.
15. Make a hanger for the God’s Eye with a length of wool tied to the sticks.

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