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What are you doing?




A funny, quick-thinking game to encourage confidence and spontaneity.

Ask the Guides to form a circle and ask for a volunteer Guide to stand in the centre.
The Guide in the centre should start acting out an action, such as painting.
One Guide from the circle then goes up to the person in the middle and asks ‘what are you doing?’
The Guide painting then answers explaining that they are doing something totally different to what they’re actually doing. For example, the Guide painting could say ‘I’m dancing with my grandma’.
The person who asked ‘what are you doing?’ then takes over as the person in the middle of the circle and acts out what the other person described.
Now another Guide can go up to the person in the centre and ask ‘what are you doing?’ and the game continues as described above.

Top tip: Challenge the Guides to think of new actions every time so there is no repetition.

Source: www.scouts.org.uk


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