Card suit relay

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A simple relay game for four teams using a single pack of cards


1 standard pack of playing cards - jokers removed


Split the cubs/scouts into four teams and have them line up ready for a typical relay game.
At the other end of the hall lay one suit of cards (13) opposite each team with the cards separated, face down and mixed up (e.g. not in a particular order).
On "go" the 1st team member for each team runs to the cards opposite them and using one hand only turns over one card at a time until they find the Ace. They then run back to the their team - making sure all the cards are still face down.
The second player repeats this until they find the 2, the third player the 3 and so on with the teams rotating until all the cards up to the King have been found. The entire team then sits down to indicate they have finished.

If they are smart each player will place the card they have found to one side on top of the previously found cards and thus it gets easier to find cards as the game goes on. Don't tell them this though - it's better to let them work it out for themselves. Just tell them they must leave all the cards face down when they run back.


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