Water Wheel

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Make a water wheel and visit a local river or creek to see if it works


8 plastic spoons
1 large cork or circle of polystyrene (5cm in diameter)
1 knitting needle or straight lenght of wire
2 Y-shapped sticks
cutter or knife
protractor or ruler


Push the needle or wire through the centre of the cork, until it extends equally from both ends.

Using the protractor or ruler, mark with the pencil eight places around the centre of the cork (from side-on). This is where the handles of the spoons will be inserted.
Make a slit for each spoon, put glue on each spoon handle, and push them into the eight slits, making sure the spoons all face the same direction.

Place the 2 Y-shaped sticks on each side of the wheel and rest the needle or wire that extends from both ends of the corks, onto each stick.

Place the wheel (the cork) so that the water falls into the bowls of the spoon.

The force of the water should move the water wheel around.


  • Water for Life

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