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Blindfold game to help the scouts work out their spacial awareness


– Materials: wide playing area, large can, Scout stave, and a blindfold for each patrol


View Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsFetcOWAkA

– Method: The patrols line up in relay formation with at least 25 feet between them. An upside down can is placed ten paces in front of each patrol. The first Scout in each patrol is blindfolded and given the Scout stave. On signal, he must step out three paces, turn around three times, and then take six more paces towards where he thinks the can is. He has three tries to hit the can with the stave. After his turn, the next Scout in line is blindfolded until an equal number from each patrol has gone.
– Scoring: Patrols score a point each time one of their members hits their can.


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