Steal the Shiny Objects from the vehicle

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An active game for three or more players


1 hula hoops (Vehicle)
9 beanbags


Divide the Keas into 4 teams or use posses. Position each team the same distance from a hoop in the centre of the playing area. This hoop is the ‘vehicle.’ Number off the Keas in each team. Each team has a home space, ‘nest’, marked by a hoop or a chalked circle. Place 9 beanbags in the centre hoop. Call a number and the Kea with that number must steal a beanbag from the centre hoop and return with it to their home hoop. If another number is called out before they reach home then they must drop their beanbag and another Kea can pick it up. When the beanbags have been taken from the centre hoop then Keas can steal from other home hoops. Call numbers out slowly for a start and then more quickly. Keep the game going for a minute or two – depending on how tired the Keas are getting. At the end of the game count the number of beanbags or shiny objects that the Keas have stolen. The team with the most is the winner.
Rules: only one shiny object to be carried at a time; no guarding of your nest.


  • Steal the Shiny

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