Recycling & Water Saving Diary

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A combined diary booklet covering water saving and recycling in one A5 booklet.




A booklet to send home with Beavers (or Cubs) so they can track their recycling and water saving in one handy place. We sent this home as a half-term project, but you could send it home any week! Spend some time at the end of your session explaining to the kids what to do, and that they must return it completed to earn each of the badge requirements covered.

Print the booklet onto A4 paper, two-sided, 'flip on short side' should be selected on your print settings.

Once you fold it together, it creates an A5 booklet with 8 pages, including a water saving diary and a recycling diary each covering a week, and a note to parents about the project.


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  • recycling
  • water
  • Water saving

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