Trading Post

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Trading Post is a lively, whole-meeting programme to challenge Patrols/Teams on their Scouting skills, imagination, teamwork and business acumen!


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several Print outs from the PDF

batteries (AA),
Coat hanger (wire),
cream crackers,
cake decorations,
graph paper,
icing sugar,
ladder rungs,
map symbols test,
methylated spirits,
nails (large),
nails (small),
pack of cards,
paper (A3),
paper (A4 any colour),
Pipe Cleaner,
Plastic cup.
plug (electric),
poles (gadget),
poles (sturdy),
red match (swan vesta),
rope end,
rubber band,
seat (chair),
sticky tape,
tea bag,
water container,
whipping twine,
wire (thin),
wire (electrical),
wood pieces,
wood block set,
wound dressing

Pliers, Scissors, pens, ruler, hammer, penknife, screwdriver, potato peeler, craft knife, coloured pencil or pen, Icing toolkit, tape measure, compass, hacksaw, wood saw, trangia, first aid book, Ordnance survey map, scout hand books, calculator, knife


Trading Post is a lively, whole-meeting programme to challenge Patrols/Teams on their Scouting skills, imagination, teamwork and business acumen!
Trading Post can be played indoors or outdoors depending on the event and the weather. Items can of course be added, swapped and dropped as necessary to suit your own needs. Some items, such as local maps, etc you will need to prepare yourselves. About 90 minutes has proved to be an ideal duration for Trading Post for Scouts and Explorers. You could, of course, modify the game to suit Cubs.

Aim: Using your start-up funds, you buy materials, hire tools then construct items or demonstrate skills which the “Trading Post” will buy from your Patrol/team. You use the money earned to buy more bits and pieces, hire more tools and make more goodies, to see how much money you can make from selling your wares. The winning Patrol is the one that has been paid the most by the Trading Post at the end of the game as recorded on the Scoresheet (not the team with the most cash-in-hand).

Set-up: You will need to assemble the items to buy and tools to hire in advance and allow half an hour to set up the room/area for Trading Post. A couple of tables in an ‘L’ shape for each of the Selling, Hiring and Buying stalls is probably sufficient. Print off the Sell, Hire and Buy sheets and display prominently at each stall and around the room/area. If you can enlarge to A3 or A2, that’s even better. You can print off and give A4 copies to each team if you like. You will need two Leaders/helpers for staffing each stall (maybe just one for the Hire stall).

Start: Brief the Troop/Unit as to the aims and rules of Trading Post. Suggest the Team Leaders spend a few minutes discussing the projects with their colleagues, and ensure everyone in their team is kept involved and busy. Mention that some projects can make less money than others (even a loss!). All items and materials become the property of Trading Post, once sold. Trading Post staff will offer a payment depending on quality, so buying-in prices are to some extent negotiable! The staff are “firm but fair”! Teams may wish to decline an offer and improve their item before finally selling. Each team may only sell or demonstrate to the Trading Post ONE of each item during the game. Answer any questions, then issue teams with their start-up cash (suggest £25.00 each team).

During the game: Ensure each team is being properly led and people are busy. Only allow 1 or 2 from each team at any of the sell/hire/buy bases at one time, otherwise staff will get overwhelmed and irritable! You will need to ‘cash-flow’ money and shuttle equipment between the bases as the game progresses. Make sure tools hired are logged out and returned in time - or threaten a surcharge. Teams may sell stuff to other teams, but they are responsible for the return of hired tools if they hired them out initially.
You can introduce a few ‘special offers’ during the evening, such as double cash e.g. for an item that is not popular so far or new products that can be constructed from the items and tools available.

The end: Give 10 minutes warning before the end of the game - close the Sell and Hire stalls five minutes before the Trading Post finally shuts. Check the items bought by each team and the one that was paid the most during the evening by Trading Post is the overall winner.


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