Beavers & Cubs Evening

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An opportunity for Beavers & Cubs to meet and work together on some activities. (To help reassure Beavers when they swim up).


Pizza bases, tomato puree, pizza toppings, cheese, quiz, quiz prize, smarties, straws, game prize & bowls (2 per team).


Split the Beavers & Cubs into mixed groups.
1. Groups to make pizzas (ready-made bases & considering food allergies), then an adult will cook whilst they're doing more activities.
2. Team quiz, winning team to get a prize.
3. Smartie straw relay. Each team to have a bowl at either end of their table, one with smarties, other empty, taking it in turns (relay), they should use the straw and suck a smartie to the empty bowl, most smarties at the end wins (could give a prize).
4. Sit together and eat the cooked pizzas.


  • Joint Meeting
  • Joint with other Section
  • pizza
  • quiz
  • Smarties

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