Remembrance Day - Felt Poppy

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Make a Felt Poppy to mark Remembrance Day


• Red Felt
• Green Felt
• Black Buttons
• Sewing Needles
• Black Cotton
• Poppy Template
• Leaf Template
• Scissors
• Black felt tip pen


1. Give each Cub the following
a. Poppy & Leaf Template
b. Square of Red & Green Felt
c. 1 Black Button
d. Felt Tip Pen
e. Pair of Scissors

2. Get the Cubs to trace round the Poppy on to the square of red felt & the leaf onto the green felt and then get them to cut down

3. Now give them all a needle and length of thread, show them how to thread the needle & knot the end

4. Cubs now sew the button and leaf on to the Poppy (leaf on the back, button on the front)

5. If you wish you can get the cubs to sew or glue a small safety pin to the back


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