Fencing taster session

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taster session given by a leader who has attended a British Fencing course


Fencing kit as provided on course


Warm up games

Safety Rules of the 'Salle'
* No running
* No pointing weapon at anyone not wearing a mask
* Point weapon downwards when not fencing
* HALT: stop, stand still, listen

Salute and etiquette - shake hands at the end of a bout
Scoring zone (for this simplied version of Foil - torso only)

Arm position

Stance and steps - on guard position
* L shaped feet, shoulder width apart
* knees over toes (bent knees)
* small target area

Practise forward and backward steps

Thrust and lunge


Parry (if time)

Scoring - basic, where it hits, foil has to bend

Ladder bout - winner stays put, loser moves to bottom of ladder


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