Anti-Bullying Heart Game & Activity

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Bullying Consequences, Empathy & 'All Different - All Equal" Session to support Anti-bullying week.
Part 1: Anti-bullying game. Sharp, mean and hurtful words relay.
Part 2: Apologies & Consequence reflection
Part 3: Kind Words Heart to take Home


Foamex Heart (Vinyl wrapped foamex heart or corkboard/polysyrene heart covered in red sticky back plastic)
Push pins
Small craft foam hearts 4" approx
Gem stickers (We used gem heart stickers)
Sticky labels


Part 1: Split into 3 relay teams, put the foamex heart across the room with one pot of coloured push pins (representing sharp, mean and hurtful words) for each team on a single table. Each team member runs to the end of the room and pushes one of their designated coloured pins into the heart (Adult present at the pin table to ensure safety). The team to finish first wins.

Part 2: Gather Beavers/Cubs to a circle and discuss bullying and hurtful words... Get each of them in turn to come up and remove a pin, giving an apology - explain that once the words are said, it can leave lasting damage on a person that you can't see - (Demonstrated by the pin marks left in the heart.) Explain about empathy and the importance of empathy.

Part 3: Give each of them a Craft foam heart... get them to decorate with the gem stickers representing kind, nice, friendly words, on the reverse with a sticky label applied get them to write something about themselves e.g. eye colour/hair type/likes/dislikes.
Then once finished, gather round and talk about how the kind words make the hearts (person) look nice (feel nice, sparkle and shine). Talk about how we all have differences like what they have written, but we are all equal and all have a heart that can be damaged by mean, hurtful words... or can be made to feel nice with kind words.

Finish off by discussing the promise they all made.

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