orbit relay

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A space themed relay race involving team work


chairs (1 for each 6 / group)


Cubs line up in groups at one end of the room opposite chairs (the moon)
Each "rocket" takes off and flies around the moon (runs to the end and round the chair)- but when they get back to their line, they are joined by another section of rocket - ie. another cub joins onto them with both hands on their waist, like a conger line.
They both have to run together to the end, round the sun, and back to the launch pad again, to collect another section of rocket...
BUT if they pull too fast, rather than matching their speed to the whole team, and someone lets go or falls over, then they have to start all over again (with one rocket)
The winning team is the team that manages to get a complete rocket back to the launch pad - it pays to to take it steadily and take account of all members of the team!


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