Knife safety Kim's game

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Kim's game using props that have a connection to knife safety. Each of the props leads a quick discussion point.


A tray
A tea towel or cover of some sort
Some props, ideas in the attached file.


Kim's game develops a person's capacity to observe and remember details. The name is derived from Rudyard Kipling's 1901 novel Kim, in which the hero, Kim, plays the game during his training as a spy.

The items should be collected on a tray, and cover the whole over with a cloth. The players should be in a position where they can see the tray. Uncover the tray for one minute.

Ask the players for items on the tray. As they call them out, have a brief discussion on why it is relevant to knife safety. If there is a long point to make, it is best done at the end of the game so as to keep the flow of the game going.


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