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Evening activity to investigate homelessness - particularly young people - and the charities that support homeless people.
Activity included sleeping 'rough' (Scouts in their sleeping bags in cardboard boxes).




1. Ask whether the Scouts have come across or seen homeless people. What have they seen, experienced
2. Using role plays (attached) get the Scouts to try and understand the reasons young people become homeless
3. Introduce the role of charities (we used Centrepoint mostly) and get the Scouts to understand what the charities do to help the homeless (Centrepoint 4 steps plan + prevention helpline - see attachment)
4. Talk about the Big Issue and homeless people 'earning' by selling a magazine. Get the Scouts to make something to 'sell'. Either to Leaders to earn tokens for their 'soup kitchen' supper or for a homeless charity if sold at a fundraising event
5. Get the Scouts to 'busk' (perform) in the scout hall or around a camp fire, again to earn tokens for the 'soup kitchen'.
6. (Optional) Scouts make cardboard box shelters and sleep out


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