5 World Centres Game

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This game can be played as one large group or in patrols


List of questions and space.
Headings for the corners would be a good visual
Names of World centres or symbols on card for each patrol if playing in patrols


Full unit -
1. Nominate an area for each World Centre
2. Girls start in middle and move to correct answer position
3. Ensure girls know where each centre is. If have visuals in place then hang the in that area.
4. Call out question and group move to correct answer area.

Play in patrols:
1. Relay format - groups line up behind each other
2. Opposite end of room have World centres names on card for each patrol
3. Read out question - group may then confer and decide on correct answer. One guide runs up to pick up the correct answer.
4. Once all are collected then give correct answer. Cards are returned to pile for next question.


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