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For this task the Beavers will in teams do a little fun activity where they will be given information on Beavers Scouts in 7 different countries. In teams they have to complete the correct information for each country.


Preparation Before The Meeting
1. Print the ‘Beaver Scouts in Other Countries’ table – found in this document – you need one for each team of two
2. Print the ‘Complete Table for the Leader to use as the answer sheet’ – found in this document – you need one for each leader
3. Print and cut out the ‘Labels for each team to put on the blanks in the table’ - found in this document – there are two sets on the page – you need one set for each team of two - keep each set together using a paperclip
Materials Needed
 Stick glue


Speak - The next task you need to do for your ‘International Badge’ is to find out about Beaver Scouts in other countries. For example, what they call themselves what uniform they wear and what their promise is
To learn this in teams of 2 you are going to match information about the Beavers with their correct country. You will do this in 3 rounds and score points in each round
2. Direction - Split the group into teams of 2
3. Action – Hand out to each team the table plus the 18 mixed up squares of info
4. Speak - You have 10 minutes to place the correct information onto the correct blank space on the table I have given you
5. Action - Go round with your answer sheet give each team a point for each correct information. Write the points at the bottom of their sheet
6. Direction - Take off the incorrect squares for each team and ask them to try to remember the ones they have got correct because you are going to get them to take them all off now and play another round
7. Direction - Ask them to take off all the squares mix them up and try again this time give them 3 minutes to arrange the information
8. Action - Score each team again and write it at the bottom of their sheet
9. Direction - Now get them to do the same again and try a third round
10. Action - Add up to the total points and declare a winner(s)
11. Direction - Once they have them all correct they can glue the squares to their sheet


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