Nightmare Before Xmas

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District Event/Camp Site Event
Craft , Disco and Orienteering


Sugar Salt Skulls, Pens
Paper, Mixed Spaghetti, Glue
Pass the Parcel (for disco)
6x Electric tea Lights, 6x Cups and 6x waterproof tokens (per team)
Music and Disco Lights & Map


Craft area - Colour in Sugar Salt Skulls, Craft area - Stick Spaghetti in Skeletons Shapes, Total 30 Minutes
Disco - Get kids dancing, who can dance the best, sweets for best dancer. Make one or two circles and play Pass the Parcel - Total 30 Minutes
Orienteering - Put Electric tea light in plastic cup with a token hide in six difference locations. Give maps to kids to kind them. - Total 30 Minutes



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