Lantern making

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Make simple paper lanterns suitable for carrying in a parade, or hanging as a Christmas or Diwali decoration


Easy. individual verseion - Skewers or pea sticks (6 per cub)
carnival paper - a thick tissue paper: available online or from craft shops
coloured tissue paper
PVA glue
florists wire
glue pots
masking tape

In sixes - as above but soaked buff willow withies to form structure


See file for detailed instructions - build a pyramid shape from skewers and masking tape. Attach a figure of 8 hook to the top, and cover with carnival paper. To do this, cut each sheet into quarters: using a sponge, coat the whole sheet with a 50/50 PVA/water mix (until it is totally transparent) then apply to the outside of the frame. To decorate whilst it is wet, apply tissue paper directly to the outside. You could also spread this activity over two weeks, allowing it to dray, and then painting the outside.

To suspend, screw a hook into the end of a bamboo cane, and hook it directly through the hook.


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