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Household detergents make great bubbles and what Pippin doesn’t enjoy blowing them?


Equipment needed • 1 cup of hot water • 6 tablespoons detergent • 1 tablespoon sugar (to make the bubbles stronger) • a basin • hoops made from wire


Mix the detergent and hot water together, leave for one hour, then add the sugar. Because the mixture has sugar, it will leave a sticky mark where the bubble bursts. It is best to blow the bubbles outside if possible.

Use the wire hoop to make bubbles. Place the hoop into the mixture, then blow through the hoop.
What happens when you • blow bubbles on to a hard surface? • blow two bubbles and try to make them join together? • make bubbles of different sizes and try to join them together? • make lots of bubbles join together? Do the bubbles change shape?
What colours can you see in the bubbles?

Variations Try using utensils such as potato mashers, fish slices or fly swats to blow bubbles. Compare the bubbles each type of utensil makes.
Blow a bubble using a large bubble blower. Pop it into the freezer for 10 minutes. As it begins to freeze you should be able to see tiny crystals forming over the surface of the bubble. If placed in the freezer for a longer time you should have a thin crystal ball.


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