Winter run around

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Like port and starboard but with a winter theme.


large area for cubs to run around like a hall.
benches or mats around the edge of the play area.


Instead of port, starboard, bow and stern for the four ends of the hall use Northern mountains, Southern slopes, Western lake & Eastern forest.
Explain to the cubs which end is the Northern Mountain and the opposite is the Southern Slopes etc and that when a leader calls one of the above they have to run to that end.
A leader also shouts out the following words / phrases and the cubs have to follow the instruction that goes with it.

Ski - Cubs stand with feet together, knees bent and swinging their arms back and forth.
Arctic Hare - Cubs have to bounce around like a hare.
Luge - Cubs have to lie down on their backs
Bobsled in 4s - Cubs have to get into groups of 4 and sit on the floor as if in a bobsled. you can change the number to 2s, 3s, 5s whatever you like.
Medal ceremony - Stand to attention and sing "God save our gracious Queen".
Yodel - Look towards the Northern mountains and yodel
Penguins - all the cubs have to put their arms by their sides and waddle into the middle of the hall and all huddle together.
Avalanche - All the cubs have to get to higher ground and stand on benches or mats.

As they get used to the calls, you can start getting cubs out. So the last cub to reach the Western lake, the last to start skiing or the one cub left when they are told Bobsled 4s.

You can also shout "Ice Age" and the cubs have to freeze (stop) and not move until you shout "global warming".


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