Morse Code Treasure Hunt

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Move the Scouts around the location using Morse code messages to gain "treasure" once all scouts have some treasure they move onto the next location by de-coding a Morse code message.


Flashlights, Glow Sticks, Treasure at each location (gold coins), Morse Code sheets


In lodges, packs or troops.
Create a small treasure (chocolate coins) treasure hunt.
Basic scenario, there is a radioactive box somewhere nearby full off gold coins
Split Scouts into lodges, packs or troop , turn lights off in hut/hall and for each group send a Morse code word to spell out "The Trim Trail" or other location of your choosing.
They must each go into the location and find an anti-radioactive glow in dark bracelet to be worn.
Cannot progress until all scouts are wearing one.
When they are all wearing one give them another Morse code to tell them where the Treasure chest is. i.e. "Foot ball pitch"
They must then go up and retrieve the box and bring it back down to the darkened hall/hut.
Finally give them the code to break the box lock again in Morse code.


  • communication badge
  • morse code
  • Outdoor activity
  • team work
  • Treasure Hunt
  • wide game

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