GGNZ Water For Life - Making Clean Water

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Dirty water is not very pleasant to swim in or drink. Watch what happens with this simple water purifier.
Added by the GGNZ Programme Team


Equipment • two ice-cream containers • pile of books, bricks or similar • small towel or a large hankie


For this test, you will need wet soil. If it has been raining you can put some wet, muddy water into one of the ice-cream containers, otherwise put a handful of soil in the ice-cream container and then pour in water.
Elevate the ice-cream container of muddy water using a pile of old books, bricks or similar. Place the other, empty ice-cream container on the table level with the bottom book, so the container of muddy water is above the empty one. Wet your towel or hankie and then place one end of it in the container of muddy water and the other end in the empty ice-cream container. Leave the experiment for a while and come back later.
You’ll find that water from the top ice-cream container trickles down the towel into your lower container. Notice that the water trickling into the container is clear water. The mud is left behind. However be careful, the water may look clean, but it won’t be safe to drink.


  • Water filtration
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