GGNZ Water For Life - Fish Love Water Too

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Many fish live around the coastline of New Zealand. Make a peep box aquatic scene.
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Equipment • shoe box (or two paper plates) for each girl • blue cellophane • cardboard cut-out shapes of fish, seaweed, and other aquatic creatures • felt pens • scissors • glue • cotton to hang items from the lid


a) Cut a square in the lid of the shoe box and cover it with blue cellophane.
b) Cut a small peephole in one end of the box.
c) Colour your cut-out shapes brightly and glue them around the box. Hang some with short pieces of cotton from the lid of the box.
d) Put the lid back on and look through the peephole at the aquatic scene.
e) If using the paper plates, cut the centre from one plate and stick the cellophane to the inside. draw or stick the fish and sea life onto the second plate. Staple the two plates together. Look through the cellophane to see the fish inside.


  • Water for Life

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