GGNZ "I Can" Challenge

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Set some challenges for the Pippins to complete
All About Me activity 6 - As a group, learn a new skill and use it
Added by the GGNZ Programme Team


Challenge list to mark off
depending on the challenges you choose
carrot, peeler, hammer, nail, wood, shoes with laces, skipping rope, socks


You might like to create a list that they can receive a sticker for when it’s completed or a star chart on the wall or similar.
Some Activities to include could be
Peel a carrot and share it with the other Pippins
Hammer a nail
Tie a shoelace
Skip forwards with a short and long rope
Match pairs of socks
Hop on one foot
Do a forward roll or handstand

The girls move around each activity and are challenged to complete it before moving on


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