Wooden Snowmen

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Cubs make a snowman from saw pieces of wood


Prepare sawn timber in advance with a chop saw.
Saw up pieces of fallen branches -
10-15 mm dia x 15-20mm long for hat
25-30 mm diameter x 5 thick for brim of hat
30 - 50 mm diameter x 15mm long for head and body
70mm diameter x 5mm thick for base
Sandpaper sheets
glue gun
Googlie eyes
Pipe cleaners


Cubs select five pieces of sawn timber and arrange so in proportion.
Rub pieces with sandpaper to remove rags.
Using a glue gun [under supervision] stick body to base.
Glue head to body.
Glue brim to hat.
Glue Hat onto snowmans head.
Glue googlie eyes onto snowmans face.
Cut a very short piece of pipecleaner for a nose and glue to snowmans face.
Cut a length of pipecleaner for a scarf and wrap around snowmans neck.
Use a black felt tip and mark a mouth and some buttons.


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