Visit To Mayor's Parlour and City Council Chamber

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To learn more about the history of the Mayoralty and the duties of the City Council


Book visit via City Council website


We've run this for several years. Generally, arrive ahead of time and parents are asked to drop off and pick up their children at the location. Usually, there will be somewhere to wait until it is time to meet the mayor. We're met by the Mayor and Mayoress and the Deputy Mayor and Mayoress and invited into the Mayor's parlour. The Mayor and Deputy Mayor present themselves and their role and some of the history of the council. This is supported by documents, paintings, valuable items and gifts. The session can be made interactive by asking frequent questions and breaking it up with a chance to look around the parlour, guessing what items are for, feeling the fur on the robes, trying the weight of the chain etc.

Next is a tour of the council chamber. On the way, there are several display cases containing more valuables and treasured artefacts which are proudly explained and discussed on the way.

In the council chamber, the Mayor explains some of the special aspects of the room, how council meetings work and why they are important. The boys get a chance to try out the special seats and speak into the microphones.

A break where the council kindly provide the boys with a drink and a biscuit and after that a final seat in the Mayor's Parlour for final questions and a formal farewell and handshake from the Mayor and his party.


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